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2002 A few centimeters Above sea-level



With Shahab Fotouhi

2002, Tehran, gallery n13

2005, New York, Apexart Gallery


Seven bottles are hanged from the ceiling by transparent wires, each contain a live fish. The bottles float in a tube full of water, which is placed under them. The surface of the water inside the bottles is a few centimeters above the tub water. Ink is gradually added to the tub water to the point were it becomes completely dark. A camera placed by the tub, films this event.

At the same time the passer-bys can see what is filmed from the TV facing the street by the window of the gallery. What the creators of this installation wanted to point was the behavior of the fish towards this change in their environment. Although the water inside the bottles do not change, however the change of the tub water and its final dark color, affects the visual environment. The level difference between the bottles and the tub water allows the fish to get back to their normal situation by reaching the upper surface.