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2012 Silk Road

Silk Road




“Silk Road” is a 10x1.5 meter tapestry commissioned in 2012, for the exhibition Kanaal. It was shown in the historical industrial Roeselare-Leie Kanaal district in Belgium. The art of tapestry weaving in Flanders has a glorious past. Due to economic competition from abroad, today weaving factories are floundering. To promote the art, international curators annually select contemporary artist to design a new carpet, to be woven by a renowned tapestry factory for the Kanaal Festival.


The design idea of two identical carpets - collaboration with Afsaneh ModirAmani - woven by Flanders Tapestry Co., came from the Iranian Gardens and their splendid water canals. The water on this carpet flows symbolically over many centuries and cultures to bring with it motifs from areas threated by the Silk Road -- China, Japan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Egypt…


All motifs appear and disappear; dissolving in the golden background, reminding the viewer of an age basked in economic and cultural splendor. Objects, traditions, and people may vanish but something continues to live on.



The Silk Road Tapestry was shown in 2013, in a city train in Brussels at the exhibition Passage Nord-Sud.