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2014 Borders in Town

This is my town. ; Is this my Town?

This is my Town…


This city Tehran , This my city, This is Tehran Is this Tehran?- Tehrai is my city?


I was born here, somewhere around.


Not exactly here.


We had the same pool.


And Now I live somewhere near to there, not really like my childhood home.

Between here and there; many places exist that I didn’t really know.


This is not a city, this is thousands cities.


Where in the city borders exist that we didn’t know. Where are borders of the city?

Where are borders of these thousands cities, where they are.

Frontiers between my place and the other place.


Where is it in the city, where they are.


How houses look similar from so far.

But what about them if you look very deep. Very deep. Breath to breath.


Which of these citizens look like each other?

Where am I in this city? How many people I know from here? How much of them look like me?

Where is the frontier between them and me?


Is this my town?


Is this my town?

Here is for whom?

Which is this city?


Here is also somewhere in this city.


Here is my city too. Is here my city too?


Her is the city Tehran.

Her is my city Tehran.